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I AM Newswire (IAM) is a leading global financial news and publishing company. IAM journalists, editors and market researchers provide private and public companies with distribution solutions reaching millions of investors, journalists, consumers and the general public.

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I AM Newswire is the fastest growing, data driven innovator and influencer in our market. You Might have seen us already without even knowing it.

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IAM Newswire focusses on content that will engage millions of readers. 
We cover content that matters. Regular content distribution puts content where readers aren't
IAM Newswire gets content to where readers are.

IAM Newswire can help you setup a full brand awareness strategy. Brand Awareness is not a campaign, its a strategy throughout your organization, maximizing results, both long and short term.

Investors, shareholders, potential customers, market professionals etc. Whoever you want to reach, I AM Newswire can help you build a strategy. I AM makes performance measurable so you know the ROI on every dollar spent. We use KPI (key performance indicators) to measure and deliver the best results.

IAM can take care of your regular corporate Press Releases for the best market prices. IAM has distribution partners all over the world in every market segment. We publish where it matters. Where readers are.

IAM Newswire

Full or Custom Solutions

IAM can take care of your full online campaigns, press releases, and other distributions to update or reach new audiances. IAM can also help and take on all the heavy lifting, so your team has more time to focus what they do best. Build your legacy with help from I AM Newswire.

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