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Brand Awareness

IAM Newswire can help you setup a full brand awareness strategy. Brand Awareness is not a campaign its a strategy through out your organisation for maxium results (long and short term).

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Press Release Distribution

Both Public and Private companies have press releases to update shareholders, engage new investors or to tell their story. Through IAM Newswire you have global options based on the needs for the best ROI.

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Boost Brand Program

If you need to really Boost your Brand Awareness we can help. Through a successfull marketing formula we use different tools to boost brand awareness like you have never seen before.

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We Connect You to the World! 

We are the Brand awareness machine behind your company like you’ve never seen before…


Reach New People

Investors, shareholders, potential customers, market professionals etc. Whoever you want to reach IAM Newswire can help you build a strategy. IAM makes performance measurable so you know the ROI on every dollar spend. 

Press Releases

IAM can take care of your regular Press Releases for the best market prices. Based on the needs we make it work for the best ROI. IAM has distribution partners all over the world in every market segment. We publish where it matters.

Full or Custom Solutions

IAM can take care of your full online campaigns, press releases and other distributions to update or reach new audiances. IAM can also help and take care of half of the process so you have a more cost effective solution.

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I am Newswire is the fastest growing and data driven innovator of Brand Awarenesss and News Distribution.

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Experience the last Newswire you’ll ever hire…

After a short introduction call with one of our amazing team members you will be able to watch a demo video of I am Newswire full service solutions.




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